Pelvic Congestion Syndrome And Uterine Avf


Assistant Professor of Radiology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



Pelvic congestion syndrome is varicosities of the veins inside the female pelvis causing chronic dull and aching pain and is analogous to varicocele in men. This syndrome is not rare and is estimated to account for 15% of outpatient gynecologic visits and 30% of diagnostic laparoscopic exams. Yet, it is consistently underdiagnosed and under treated. Many clinicians are not familiar with this syndrome or are uncomfortable in rendering the diagnosis. Therefore, many women with this treatable condition are left with decades of draining pelvic pain. There are effective treatment options and interventional radiology procedures for pelvic congestion syndrome. Familiarity with this syndrome, comfort in making the diagnosis, and awareness of the treatment options are essential for any clinician for interacts with chronic pelvic pain.