Interventional Procedures For Invasive Placenta


Assistant Professor of Radiology, Shahid Beheshti University ofMedical Sciences



There is a growing incidence of invasive placenta as a result of increasing deliveries by cesarean section. Invasive placenta can cause massive life-threatening hemorrhage and is now the most common indication for emergent postpartum hysterectomy. Postpartum hemorrhage  can  be  severe  in   these   patients   and medical management may be insufficient. Antepartum diagnosis of invasive placenta enables  a planned delivery approach that may lead to significantly less blood loss than that resulting from emergent management. The interventional radiologist plays a major role in prevention of major hemorrhage due to invasive placenta. A number of interventional procedures are available for these placentae including balloon inflation technique, planned uterine artery embolization, hybrid techniques and emergency postpartum UAE.