Inflammatory Disorders Of The Nervous System


1 Neuroradiologist, Paytakht and Parseh Medical imaging Centers, Tehran.

2 Assistant Professor of Radiology, Rasool-e-Akram Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences

3 Assistant Professor of Radiology, Ali-e-Asghar Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences



The inflammatory and infectious diseases of the nervous system are a large group of disorders caused by abnormal autoimmune response of body against specific targets in the CNS or tissue damages triggered by different types of pathogens in the brain and spine. They can present with a wide spectrum of clinical symptoms, locations, and appearance.
The purpose of this presentation is to review their imaging characteristics in a case review manner. Although there might be some typical imaging findings, most of these disorders have nonspecific and even atypical appearances and could be in differential of wide range of neurological diseases, including primary and secondary tumors. So, awareness of radiologist will have a critical role for better patients’ medical and surgical management and prevention of unwanted surgical interventions. We discuss these disorders in the adults and pediatric groups separately.