Imaging In Cystic Neck Masses



Associate Professor of Radiology Head of the Radiology Education Program Mashhad University of Medical Sciences MR Neuro Radiology Fellowship University of Califronia, San Diego Cystic masses of neck are a frequent finding on imaging and include a wide range of congenital and acquired lesions. Although clinical history and  examination may suggest the diagnosis, imaging has a critical role in confirmation of the clinical diagnosis and assess the anatomical extent of the lesion before treatment.
High-resolution ultrasound (US) is an ideal initial imaging investigation for neck masses as it shows the cystic nature in most cases and localizes the mass in relationship to the surrounding structures. Development of three-dimensional technology, color, and power Doppler applications has led to great improvement in its diagnostic utility.
This presentation would review the imaging findings of different cystic neck lesions and would Focus on the important imaging characteristics that will help to narrow the differential and in many situations, would give the definite diagnosis.