Breast Mri, Role In Screening And Pre-Operative Staging


Assistant Professor of Radiology Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



Breast MRI has a proven beneficial role in screening for breast cancer in certain population. If this population is carefully selected, the breast MRI is highly effective, economic, and decreases morbidity and mortality from breast cancer. Currently, based on the available published research, breast MRI is not recommended as a screening tool for general population and masses. Frequently, there is a misconception on the ability and role of breast MRI to the point that the essential and primary role of mammogram is ignored at a great cost and detriment to the patient. Breast MRI and mammography have an additive role and one does not substitute the other. Breast MRI can also have a productive role in pre- operative staging of breast cancer in certain clinical scenarios. Familiarity with the role of breast MRI, its limitations and published guidelines on who can benefit from screening breast MRI is essential for every radiologists and clinicians who can potentially request a breast MRI.