Pelvic Floor Us


Imam Khomeini Hospital, Medical Imaging Center-Cancer Institute



Pelvic organ dysfunction is  widespread  problem  in the middle age and elderly women’s that significantly decrease the quality of life especially in the later life. Trans perineal (trans perineal), 2D ultrasonography can be used for the assessment of female pelvic floor components in anterior part (Bladder, urethra), middle compartment (Uterus and cervix) and posterior compartment(rectum ,anal canal) for anatomical defects, tissue biomechanics and prosthetic implants dislodgement. The study performs in rest, squeeze and straining with benefit of real time access to patient.
3D & 4D US may allow dynamic assessment of anatomy in the axial plane with the advantage of tomographic images for quantification of levator defects. Us also benefits from low cost, easy availability and good access to patient.