Scoliosis For Well-Being Bmd



Introduction and Material and Methods:
35 cases of lumbar spine with scoliosis showed normal BMD during patient evaluation with osteopenia or osteoporosis by femoral neck and distal radius BMD’s. in case of severe osteoporosis even by aged patient’s scoliosis forms spinal BMD normal or lower degree of osteopenia in lumbar.
Except drug as medical treatments, food and nutrition: exercise and sport or back school may improve spinal BMD in direction of increasing bone mineral.
Statistics from 35 patients with BMD and mal- alignment of lumbar spine are available. BMD reporting by radiologist leads to more attention in morphology and related valuable information.
BMD is prepared for 561 women and 103 men. More numbers for women was 50-70-year-old for men was 67-year-old.
By Stress analysis of the model using of CAD/CAM software show the same result with our clinical result.