Primary Breast Inflammatory Carcinoma, Mammographic And Sonographic Findings



We aimed to describe the mammographic ad sonographic characteristics of patients with clinical diagnosis of breast primary inflammatory carcinoma.
 Materials and Methods:
31 women participated in our study in 2013 to 2016, all have mammograms and sonography with age range of 36-67 years (mean age, 52 years). Imaging findings of all patients were described and recorded before beginning of treatment.
They referred with chief complaint of breast enlargement in 26 case (84%), severe pain in 17 patients (55%) and breast skin discoloration in 9 patients (29%). Findings were as follow: skin thickening in 30 patients (96 %), diffusely increased density in 29 patients (93 %), axillary lymphadenopathy in 20 patients (64 %), trabecular thickening in 18 patients (58 %), architectural distortion or focal asymmetric density in 10 patients (32%), nipple retraction in 5 patients (16 %) and suspicious appearing calcifications were seen in 4 patients (13 %)
Diffuse imaging abnormalities such as skin thickening, trabecular thickening with increased density, and axillary lymphadenopathy are common at presentation of these patients. Masses and suspicious calcifications are less common manifestations of this disease. Adding sonography increases the rate of mass detection in these kind of patients at presentation