Opportunities & Threats In Radiology



1.  Imaging fundamental to clinical diagnoses.
2.  Range and volume of Imaging examinations are increasing.
3.  Imaging has key role in disease management, follow-up and screening.
4.  Imaging guided minimally invasive therapies by radiologists increasingly utilized.
 Threats to radiology:
A) Insufficient radiologists for workload and lack of public understanding of radiologists role.
B) Digital imaging & PACS have separating radiologist from monitoring, referring clinicians and patients.
C) Self-referral problem.
D) Increasing requiring subspecialist competence in radiology parallel to increasing subspecialities between clinicians.
E) Most of radiologists are not adequately involved in the new horizons developments.
 Radiologists need some changes, because:
Radiology is expanding dramatically.
Radiology departments may change configuration.
Teleradiology could make radiology a commodity.
Radiologist must add value to the clinicians.
Radiologists, invisible to the public.
Clinicians becoming increasingly involved in imaging.
Delivering the expansion of imaging and research.
Subspecialisation and clinical competence.
More knowledge in E-heath and teleradiology.
 Radiology is too much expanded in different ways:
1.  Whole body and MDCT.
2.  Advances in MRI with amazing anatomical and functional sequences.
3.  Molecular imaging.
4.  PET combining with CT/MRI.
5.  Image guided interventions.
6.  Integration of functional and structural information.
 Developments in radiology are accompanied with some Threats:
1.  Insufficient radiologists for quantity of work.
2.  Altered workflow demographics.
3.  Developments in clinicians with more knowledge in medical imaging.
 What should we do:
A) Increase involvement of trainees.
B) Enough time for research.
C) Annual radiology congress, subspecialty committees in ISR and subspecialty conferences.
D) Medical imaging research center in at least 5 main universities.
E) Communication: Radiologists should build strong networks with clinicians and scientists.