New Techniques In Scrotal Imaging: When To Do Mri Or Elastography


Iran University of Medical Sciences


In practice, during testicular ultrasound examination, there are numerous cases of testicular lesion, that we can not be able to distinguish non-tumoral lesions (especially infective or traumatic lesions) from tumoral lesions. Also, in cases of suspected tumoral  lesions, sometimes there is no distinction feature between benign tumors and malignant tumors.
In this lecture, we try to talk about the role of new imaging modalities in testicular evaluation to differentiating these lesions from each other, along with a general overview of the testicular imaging.
Some of these new imaging techniques that we talk about them are; Color Doppler ultrasound, ultrasound elastography, DWI sequences of MRI and dynamic contrast MRI .
Finally, general Conclusions and step-by-step imaging recommendations in various testicular lesions will be discussed.