Role Of Neuroimaging In Evaluation Of Dementia



The role of neuroimaging in evaluation of Dementia is widespread;excluding neurosurgical lesions,early diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, predementia condition such as Mild cognitive impairment, systematic score for global atrophy ,focal atrophy,vasculardiseases (infarct,white matter lesion,lacunes) and what is more discussing is systematic   approach of structural disorders for differential diagnosis which including periinsular atrophy (progressive non fluent aphasia), parietooccipital atrophy (suggest PCA,CBD or Lewy Body Dementia),infratentorial atrophy (PSP), disproportiate ventriculomegaly (NPH) and cortical/BG hyperintensity on DWI (CJD) could be mentioned.
Detailed evaluation of Focal Lobar Atrophy and asymmetrical pattern as especially in FTLDcan be diagnostic.Even predilection of atrophy to left or right side could be mentioned as behavioral variant FTD,Progressive non fluent aphasia and in temporal atrophy Semantic dementia versus Logopenic aphasia can be differentiated.