Practical Difference Of Phill & Onyx




Liquid Embolic are injectable embolic agents primarily intended for the treatment of vascular malformations through an endovascular approach. The goal of liquid embolic embolization is the immediate and permanent obliteration of a targeted vessel or structure. PHIL™ is a liquid embolic agent made of a co-polymer dissolved in DMSO during the liquid phase and linked with an iodine agent for radiopacity purpose during injection. PHIL™ Copolymer will solidify in an aqueous (Water) environment and is Non-Thrombogenic and No chemical reaction as nBCA polymerization, Non-adhesive, Radiopaque and Cohesive. Radio Density of PHILL is moderate but Homogenous and onyx has High Density. In MR or CT we have Minimal MR or CT Artifact for PHILL but is Significant for onyx. PHILL No need for shaking Ready to use in Sterile preloaded syringe but onyx Must be shaken at least for 20 minutes and Transfer from vial to syringe. Better forward penetration is observed with PHIL™ than with Onyx.