Standard Sonography Reporting In Infertile Patients (Role Of Color Doppler Sonography ,Uterine Biophysical Profile)


Assistant Professor of Radiology, SBMU, Mahdieh Hospital


We talk about baseline sonography (Ovarian Volume, Ovarian Structure ,Relation to the uterus, Rule out of PCO ,Any mass lesion in ovaries, Antral follicle count, Any echo free lesion larger than 15mm and Ovarian stromal perfusion) and mid cycle sonography (Ovarian Volume, Relation to the uterus, Any mass lesion ,Any follicles larger than 10 mm ,Perifollicular vascular perfusion).
We talk about mid cycle perifollicular PSV and RI. Besides about uterine focal lesions vascularity ,mid cycle endometrial perfusion and uterine artery vascularity .Last we explain the  uterine scoring system for reproduction (USSR) or uterine biophysical profile (Endometrial thickness in greatest AP dimension ,Endometrial layering, Blood flow within zone 3 using color Doppler, Myometrial blood flow(internal to the arcuate vessels), Uterine artery blood flow (PI), Homogeneous myometrial echogenicity and Myometrial contractions causing a wave like motion of the endometrium.)