Advanced Dynamic Mri And Mrs Of Pelvic Mass Application


MD, Associated Professor of Ahvaz Jundishapur Medical Science University


MRI of female pelvis has become one of the primary imaging modalities to diagnosis and characterize the malignant or benign  nature of pelvic masses.
MRI has been shows to be the most accurate imaging tool in defining the extent of mass and  evaluation of morphology  as well biologic behaviour  of mass by using dynamic contrast enhanced imaging and MRS.
Regard limitation of image guided biopsy of ovarian mass due to risk of metastatic seeding  occurrence,  advanced dynamic contrast enhanced imaging and MRS can help to differentiate benign and borderline mass from malignant tumor.   
In the normal uterus initial enhancement of the junction between endometrial and myometrium is followed by strong enhancement of myometrium and delay enhancement of endometrium. dynamic contrast enhanced should not later more than 120 second. the evaluation of enhancement amplitude, high vessel density and time of half raising of spectrum slope. the enhancement amplitude is higher for invasive epithelial ovarian tumor. time of half rising is longer for benign tumor than borderline tumor.
MR spectroscopy is useful for measuring proton containing compounds such as amino acide  organic acide and sugers.
High lactate signals were detected in cystadenocarcinoma and were not detected in cysadenoma.