Practical Approach In Brain Neonatal Ultrasound In Nicu


1 Dezful Medical School

2 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


Considering Ultrasonography as a nonionizing, portable and quick diagnostic method, It is the best exam in premature newborns. A 5-8 MHz vector probe preparing standard views is best used in this way. There are several indications including, detection of ischemia and hemorrhage in premature newborns, follow up of known pathology, intracranial mass or infection, trauma, Craniosynostosis, increased head circumference… . Color Doppler Sonography adds several benefits to Gray Scale Sonography. There are some normal variants which should not be confused with different pathologies and include Cavum septi pellucidi, Cavum vergae and Cavum velum interpositum, Choroid plexus cyst, benign macrocrania, mineralizing vasculopathy, pseudocyst,… . There are some limitations such as detection of early ischemia in full term newborns, evaluation of Posterior Fossa, brain convexity and periphery and diagnosis of migrational disorders and cortical dysplasia.