Investigating the Level of Awareness, Attitude and Behavior of Female Teachers in Zahedan City Towards Breast Cancer Screening in1401


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Background and Purpose:
Due to the prevalence of breast cancer and the importance of early detection As a result of the need to use its screening methods in the society and the importance and role of women teachers, The present study aims to determine the level of awareness, The attitude and behavior of female teachers in Zahedan city about breast cancer screening has been done.
This research is a descriptive and analytical study, the population of which is 300 female teachers of Zahedan schools in 1401, who will be randomly selected, and the collected information will be analyzed using statistical software such as spss.
According to the studies we reviewed, it is expected that the level of knowledge of teachers about breast cancer and screening methods is average and their attitude is
positive, but most of them do not use these methods.
Therefore, in this research, the information of 300 female teachers of Zahedan schools will be collected, and after checking, it will be compared with similar studies.
Women teachers due to the importance of their role in society; In order to increase their level of awareness and attitude towards breast cancer and screening programs and as a result to increase their participation in these screenings, they need to provide the necessary training in the field of breast cancer screening methods.
Keywords: Breast cancer, screening, consciousness, attitude.