An overview of the Minimally Invasive Method Needle of Breast Biopsy and Tomosynthesis-guided Breast Biopsy


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Today, accurate diagnosis of breast cancer is very important due to the growing trend of breast cancer. And the most important stage of accurate diagnosis of breast lumps is biopsy from suspicious lumps in the breast with vacuum biopsy methods under mammography or ultrasound guidance and core needle biopsy. In this educational review article, the latest biopsy methods under the tomosynthesis guide and the training of methods, techniques and related tips and tricks and troubleshooting are described. In the attached file, a translation of the 20th chapter of Mammographic lmaging (fourth edition) written by shelly L.Lille and wendy J.Marshall , which the presenters of this review article contributed to its translation, is provided. In this review article, the points raised in this file have been used. A summary of the topics presented in this educational review article is given below, the full description of which will be presented in PowerPoint.

Biopsy Modalities
Clinical Guidance
Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy (Sonographic)
Stereotactic Guidance and Overview of the Stereotactic Procedure
positioning for stereotactic biopsy
Acquisition and Display of the Planar Images
Principles and instrumentation of core biopsy
Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and Benefits of DBT-guided breast biopsy
DBT-guided biopsy     procedure    and technique
Complications (vasovagal      reaction, bleeding, infection) , troubleshooting
And finally, a brief introduction to the methods and images of breast tomography with injection