Deep Learning Techniques and Time Reduction


Medical physics



Machine learning is a technique for recognizing patterns that can be applied to medical images. Machine learning has been used in medical imaging and will have a greater influence in the future. Those working in medical imaging must be aware of how machine learning works. Here we introduce the new strategies that reduce time scan with remaining good sufficient and reproducible quality in imaging the body and head region
.deep resolve and deep gain with deep learning reconstruction is a very active field for researchers, demonstrating great potential for the future of MR image reconstruction, including denoising, artifact reduction, and possibly even the reconstruction of multiple contrasts from one single acquisition. These technologies enable us to reduce acquisition times and improve image quality simultaneously Compressed sensing (CS) is a mathematical framework that reconstructs missing data from highly undersampled measurements. CS has been applied to MRI to achieve higher acceleration factors by incoherent k-space undersampling.we discuss this workflow and see who the time will be reduced in MRI examinations.