Liver MRI




Protocols and Technique
MRI of the liver is routinely performed in imaging centers to diagnose benign and malignant liver diseases. The use of a contrast agent makes lesions better visible and better distinguished from normal tissue, and the use of appropriate timing is very important in obtaining different phases of dynamic liver MRI.
Two factors the cooperation of the patient and the skill of the technologist in using MR protocols are very important in obtaining the appropriate image of the liver according to the clinical conditions of the patient.
Patient’s breathing movements are one
of the important challenges of liver imaging, which can be solved and minimized with different methods.
The optimality of the imaging parameters in the pulse sequence used in MRI of the abdomen and liver is of special importance, which should be given more attention in the specific imaging methods of the liver, so that the use of TR, TE, FA and b value is appropriate in Along with many other details, it is very important for a liver MRI. Various liver MRI methods such as dynamic, diffusion, MRCP, perfusion, etc., expression and pulse sequences and their effective parameters are investigated.