Neurospine MRI Tips & Tricks


MRI Application Specialist Jaam-E-Jam Medical Imaging Center



There are several technical and physical points in regards with MRI diagnostic scanning of patients suffering from neurospine disease
. it goes without saying that without taking these technical and physical points into consideration , the diagnostic procedure of the disease shall be distorted or even shall lead to fail the exposure of the disease or the defect in the worst case.
Besides the adequate knowledge of the physical parameters of the scanning sequence, the appropriate application of it shall also result in the ideal protocol optimization at the end. Therefore to have even a minute knowledge about pathologies alteration or application of individual protocol is deemed necessary and inevitable.
Hence through the following list the tips and tricks are designated to obtain the suitable answers to the similar related questions:

Are the scanning parameters different between elderly and youngers patients? In case of positive reply which parameters should go under alteration?
For better enhancement exposure resulted from contrast media injection, which

parameter should be altered and what kind of parameter change shall result in contrary effect or which kind of sequences should be applied and which should be avoided?

What are the individual sequences for the different pathologies like arachnoid cyst, tumors, metastases, bleeding, viruses and bacterial infections, etc?
If and when the sequences are resulted in differential diagnosis in which scanning procedure they are deemed implemented?
How should be the chronology of the sequences procedure?
How to diagnose different kind of affective artifacts and finding a solution to tackle them?
Alterations of parameters optimization for making the different contrast of image .

The above mentioned questions are just part of technical points as a key to perfect scanning operation of the patient which indeed requires the knowledge of specific points for the related scanning without which the diagnostic procedure is distorted or in some cases shall be impossible.