Accuracy of MRI Versus Laparoscopy in the Diagnose of Pelvic Endometriosis


Azad University*



Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases in women whose timely and accurate
diagnosis can be helpful in controlling, treating and preventing recurrence. Due to the invasiveness of the laparoscopic procedure, it is necessary to consider non-invasive procedures more and more.
We aimed to investigate the correlation between diagnostic values of MRI with Laparoscopy as a gold standard for endometriosis diagnosis.
A descriptive Analytic study was done on 58 women referred to private gynecology clinic who were candidate for diagnostic laparoscopy with endometriosis suspected. All woman underwent MRI imaging and laparoscopy; all images were examined by radiologist. The finding was analyzed in SPSS.V20. P value < 0/05 was considered to be significant.
According to this study, the frequency of endometriosis in women was 45 (77.6%) based on MRI, while the frequency of endometriosis was 48 (82.8%) based on diagnostic laparoscopy. The sensitivity of MRI to detect endometriosis was 79.17% and its specificity was 30.00%. (P = 0/527).
According to this study MRI may be able to detect small endometrial lesions that cannot be diagnosed by laparoscopy.
Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, Laparoscopy, Endometriosis, Diagnostic Value.