The Study of Amount of Newborns Received Dose Who Are Hospitalized in Ali Ebn Abitaleb Hospital in Intensive Care Unit, Zahedan after Doing Diagnostic and Radiology During the Hospitalization


1 Radiology*

2 Radiology




Newborn babies who are admitted to the intensive care unit for various disease can be diagnosed and treated under a large number of X-ray imaging
The most important complication and risk of receiving too much X-rays is the increased probability of developing malignancies and cancers.
Conventional radiology due to, low ratio of absorbed radiation dose per graph and
also a low price is one of the most important diagnostic modality in the special care unites
This study was conducted during 6 months in Ali Ibn Abi Talib Hospital in Zahedan in 2022 and 2023
in this study we are going to evaluate the amount of cumulative dose received by infants in the intensive care unit of Ali Ibn Abi Talib Hospital in Zahedan.