Comparative Study of CT Scan Modality with MRI Modality Findings in Patients Suspected of Covid-19


1 Shahid Rahnemon Hospital Yazd University of Medical Sciences

2 Chronic Respiratory Disease Research Center National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (NRITLD) Masih Daneshvari Hospital Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



CT-scan and MRI are both best of radiologic modalities with different advantages and disadvantages. In this study we aimed to evaluate and compare the features of COVID-19 pneumonia in these two modalities.
Fifty three suspected COVID-19 patients who presented to our emergency ward underwent chest CT and, once various features of COVID-19 pneumonia were identified, a dedicated multi-sequence chest MRI was performed on the same day with an institutional protocol. Demographic data and the morphology, laterality and location of the lesions were recorded for each case.
Thirty seven males and sixteen females with the mean age of 47.49 ± 13.86 years old were present in this case series. Fifty one cases had typical CT features with ground glass opacities and consolidations, readily visible on different MRI sequences. Thirteen cases had atelectasis which were also easily seen on MRI. The comprehensive review of MRI features for each case and representative images have been illustrated.
We can suggest MRI as an alternative choice of CT-scan for diagnosis COVID-19 pneumonia according to the revealed results, it can be a logical choice in the suspected cases.