Differential Diagnosis of Thickened Endometrium


Assistant Professor of Radiology Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran



In the face of a thick endometrium, we should distinguish between normal or abnormal thickening based on menstrual cycle, menopausal state etc.
Abnormally thick endometrium, when proved on imaging, should be categorized based on whether the patient is pre or postmenopausal, recently pregnant or not, presence or absence of AUB, taking medication or not, ovarian morphology etc. After ruling out pregnancy related changes including early or ectopic or molar pregnancy &RPOC, our great aim is differentiation between endometrial carcinoma, endometrial hyperplasia, polyps and …based on gray scale morphology and color Doppler findings of endometrium on TVS.
Besides TVS, saline infusion sonography, hysterosalpingography, &MRI with and without contrast can be used for better differentiation between pathologies related to abnormal endometrial thickening.