Urinary Tract Endometriosis in Patients with DIE Teaching Point.


Radiologist Head of Department of Radiology in Arash Hospital.Tehran University of Medical Science



Endometriosis is a common gynecological problem, affecting approximately 4-13%of women in reproductive age and up to 50% of infertile women, according to different authors, it is also most common cause of chronic pain in women. Correct site-specific diagnosis is fundamental in defining the optimal treatment strategy for endometriosis as it clearly guide surgeon to proceed patient to surgical versus conservative treatment, fertility consult, decision to refer to tertiary center or general gynecologist and Surgical list planning.
Endometriosis is scattered disease , can involved other site such as peritoneal surface which cause Deep infiltrating endometriosis or DIE. These nodules are important as they are main reason for disabling chronic pain in endometriosis patients. According to IDEA group (since 2016) peritoneal involvement has subclassified to anterior and posterior comportment which the anterior compartment indicated to urinary system endometriosis and DIE.
Involvement of the urinary tract occurs in approximately 1–2% of patients with endometriosis ,so many sonologists are unfamiliar in this issue. The most common involved site is bladder, on the other hand, ureter involvement is very rare, but really it is a disaster which leads straightforward to urgent surgery. According to these paradox, in this lecture we are going to discuss mainly about imaging point to get accurate and timely diagnosis of endometriosis of anterior compartment