MSK Intervention Procedures


Associate Professor of Radiology Pardis Noor Medical Imaging and Cancer Center



During recent decades, the volume and range of therapeutic musculoskeletal (MSK) interventions that radiologists can offer their patients has dramatically increased. With new materials and improving imaging modalities, as well as significant investment in research, the field of MSK interventional radiologic intervention will likely continue to expand. As this a large field we will focus on HIP intervention procedures. These are include Biopsy, Injection, tumoral ablation, embolization and Cementoplasty.
An special focus in advanced US-guided proceduresweredoneasamostavailableimaging modality that radiologist can do many of them in office base setup. We also briefly describe the relevant medications and principlesassociated with imaging-guided interventions.
Following this, we discuss individual procedures that are used to treat pain in the anterior, lateral, and posterior regions of the hip, with an overview of the relevant anatomy, common diseases, and various injection techniques.