Recent Advance in TACE


Associate Professor of Radiology Pardis Noor Medical Imaging and Cancer Center



TACE has been proposed for a long time as the criterion standard for palliative treatment of unresectable HCC, and Liver Metastases and has been reported to improve the survival of many of these patients, compared with supportive treatment. According to Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) tumor staging and management, TACE is recommended as the first-line therapy for unresectable intermediate stage HCC (stage B). Among the metastases some are very good responsive to TACE such as Neuroendocrine, Hypervascular metastases such as Melanoma and also cholangicarcinoma.
MaincomponentoftheTACEareInstrument, Embolic Material and Chemotherapeutic Agent (Drugs).
In this presentation we will discuss new tools for TACE, recent advance in embolic agents and new drugs including Immunotherapy agents who are edge of interest nowadays. Special focus on Immuno Oncology in Interventional Oncology were also be discussed.