Presentation Topic: Pre Surgical Embolization of Vertebral Hemangioma


Assistant Professor Medical University of Esfahan, Iran, Esfahan



Summary of Presentation:
Aggressive vertebral hemangioma is a challenging pathology because of the high risk of uncontrolled bleeding, pending fracture, and invasion of the spinal canal with spinal cord compression and neurological deficit.
Because of its vascular nature, selective embolization of pathological blood vessels is one of the first-line treatments used to treat this pathology. Preoperative embolization, as adjuvant therapy, proved to be useful in reducing surgical bleeding and thus operative risks.
Literatures have provided evidence that preoperative embolization confers a benefit to aggressive vertebral hemangioma patient outcomes. After performing a systematic review demonstrated statistically significantly less blood loss in the group that received preoperative embolization. Therefore, pre surgical embolization of vertebral hemangioma is considered an effective procedure to decrease post-operative morbidities and even could be a therapeutic method in some cases.
In this presentation we will review this procedure with describing:

Anatomy of vertebral arteries
Indications and contraindications
Embolizing agents
Efficacy and outcome

And at the end we will present some cases of our institution.