Cases and Key Points in Pediatric Renal Masses


Assistant Professor of Radiology Ali-Asghar Children Hospital Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)



A wide variety of mass lesions can affect the pediatric kidneys, which can be broadly classified as benign congenital processes, normal anatomic variants, primary benign tumors, primary malignant tumors, metastatic lesions, infection, infarction. Pediatric renal mass lesion can present as an abdominal or flank mass and may be accompanied by pain or hematuria or may be an incidental finding.
Ultrasound is usually the initial imaging of choice for a suspected renal lesion in the pediatric patients. Aside from classic appearances of a few benign processes on ultrasound, evaluation with CT or MRI is required for further characterization. A clear understanding of the characteristic imaging features of renal mass lesions and associated findings can support accurate diagnosis and management decisions.
In this presentation, I aim to review usual benign and malignant renal masses that can occur in childhood and emphasizes the characteristic imaging appearances which aid in their differential diagnosis.