Targeted Ultrasound of Nonpalpable Lesions, Where Should I Look for What?


Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran



Targeted ultrasound of nonpalpable breast masses is a crucial yet undervalued skill in breast imaging. Targeting nonpalpable lesions seen in mammogram is necessary for two main purposes, for biopsy and for characterization of the lesions. Correct targeting of the nonpalpable lesions seen in ultrasound and mammography either 2D or 3D is not only important for biopsy but also for full evaluation and characterization of the lesions. We will discuss simple rules for evaluating nonpalpable lesions in ultrasound using mammographic images;
Educational Goals:

Looking for a nonpalpable lesion seen in MG; The Four Golden Rules
3D depiction of lesions in CC view; The Four Golden Rules of the CC view
3D depiction of lesions in MLO view; The Four Golden Rules of the MLO view
Tomosynthesis, the golden rules
Case-based practice of targeted ultrasound