Common Misdiagnosis & Mistakes in the 2nd Trimester Anomaly Scan


Department of Radiology, Mahdieh Hospital, SBMU



Congenital malformations occur in 3-4% of livebirths.Theirprenataldetection isperformed by ultrasound screening. Any announcement about a suspected malformation is a source of stress for the parents, and misdiagnosis during ultrasound screening can lead to expensive and sometimes iatrogenic medical interventions. Overall, the false-positive rate was 8.8% and the rate of diagnostic misclassification 9.2%. The highest false-positive rates were found for renal and gastrointestinal tract malformations, and the highest diagnostic misclassification rates for cerebral and cardiac malformations. In this lecture, we aim to explain the false- positive diagnosis of ultrasound screening for congenital malformations in the second trimesters of pregnancy.