Bone Age Imaging: The Practical Tips


Assistant Professor of Radiology Ali-Asghar Children Hospital Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)



Bone age is one of biological indicators of maturity used in clinical practice and it is a very important parameter of a child’s assessment, especially in pediatric endocrinology
The bone age of a child indicates level of biological and structural maturity better tha
the chronological age calculated from the date of birth.
Although there have been attempts to assess bone age by examinations of specific bones, such as the clavicle or iliac bone (Risser sign) ,in pediatric endocrinology, the most widely used method of bone age assessment is by performing a hand and wrist radiograph of the non-dominant hand and its analysis with Greulich-Pyle or Tanner-Whitehouse atlases.
In this presentation, I review different methods of bone age assessment.