MRI of Common Pathologic Conditions of Meniscus, Cruciate Ligaments, and Posterolateral Corner Ligaments


Ex-Assistant Professor of Iran Medical University



At first a brief normal anatomy of meniscus, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and posterolateral corner knee ligaments will be reviewed.
Then MRI finding of meniscal injury and normal variation of meniscus such as

discoid meniscus
longitudinal, horizontal, radial, flap tears
complication of meniscal tear such as parameniscal cyst will be

Then ACL injury such as

partial and complete tear
direct and indirect signs of ACL tear
and differential diagnosis like mucoid degeneration of ACL will be discussed.

Normal Post-operative change of ACL graft and MR imaging of ACL graft retear also will be

Then interesting cases of posterolateral corner injury such as

fibular collateral ligament tear,
popliteal tendon tear,
popliteofibular ligament tear,
arcuate ligament
popliteomeniscal fascicles
and biceps tendon tear cases will be