Ultrasound of Elbow, Wrist, and Small Joints


Assistant Professor of Radiology Iran University of Medical Sciences



Ultrasound Examination of elbow and wrist allows a low-cost, non-invasive and dynamic evaluation of tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Higher resolution of surface structures and dynamic capability of ultrasound makes it unique tool for evaluation of common pathologies of elbow and wrist to name a few medial and lateral epicondylitis, nerve entrapment and instability, arthritis, bursitis can be diagnosed with ultrasound with high specificity and sensitivity    high frequency linear probe (7-15MHz) should be used in elbow and wrist, however, probes with smaller footprint are more suitable for small joints such as wrist in this lecture we divide elbow to 4 compartments as Anterior, Medial, Lateral and Posterior and show how to evaluate each compartment and its anatomic structures,in wrist section, dorsal and volar components are evaluated at the end common MSK procedures of elbow and wrist are reviewed