Dental Imaging & OPG: What a Radiologist Should Know about Practical Tips of Taking Optimal Images and Medico Legal Aspects*


Associate Professor Tehran University of Medical Sciences (School of Dentistry), Tehran, Iran



Dental radiographs are essential to providing comprehensive patient care. Radiographs allow clinicians to see conditions invisible to the naked eye and, when combined with oral assessments, provide valuable information about the patient’s health. Dental imaging includes intraoral techniques, such as bitewing and periapical X-rays, along with extraoral techniques, such as cephalometric and panoramic images. Intraoral radiography enables clinicians to clearly see the dentition and supporting structures, as well as diagnose alveolar bone loss and caries. Extraoral radiography, including panoramic imaging, provides a larger field of view and assists in diagnosing conditions of the maxillofacial region.
The aims of this lecture regarding intra- and extra-oral imaging are the following tips:

The purpose of dental and panoramic radiography in dental
The formation of the dental and panoramic images and correct imaging
Errors commonly made when capturing dental and panoramic images,
Last but not least, the points to be mentioned regarding the interpretation of dental and panoramic images will be