Assistant Professor of Radiology Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



Often, accurate and timely diagnosis of clinical conditions during pregnancy requires radiologic imaging   that   involves   ionizing   radiation   to the mother and fetus. A seemingly simple question has proven to be a challenge for many clinicians and radiologists alike: What is the safe radiation dose in a pregnant patient that requires radiologic imaging? Not surprisingly, nonradiologists have limited understanding of radiation dosimetry and commonly struggle to choose the best imaging study that delivers the least amount of radiation. Naturally, they turn to their radiology colleagues for answers. However, published studies demonstrated that radiologists – both resident and practicing radiologists alike – are less than comfortable discussing dosimetry. This presentation discusses radiation dosimetry during pregnancy, ionizing radiation and its effect on pregnant patients and fetus including deterministic and stochastic effects, misconception and tips on safe practice of radiology during pregnancy.