Professor of Radiology, University of Paris Diderot Sorbonne Cité Chair, Department of Radiology The University Beaujon Hospital Clichy, France



Focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) and Hepatocellular adenomas (HCA) are both benign hepatocellular tumors. They are mostly seen in child-bearing age women however they have major differences. As FNH is a benign and indolent lesion, HCA may complicate with bleeding and malignant transformation. Then, it is crucial to differentiate them. Imaging and contrast- enhanced MRI in particular plays a major role for the diagnosis. In most of the cases, the diagnosis    of FNH is based on a combination of 5 imaging findings (homogeneity, signal intensity close to the liver, hyperenhancement on arterial phase, lack of capsule and central scar). Imaging findings of HCA are consistent with the genetic mutations. The two most common subtypes: HNF-1& and inflammatory have characteristic patterns on imaging. This lecture will highlight the role of imaging in the diagnosis and in the patient management